4 in a Row Throwing Ball Game

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How To Play

First. find a table or Hard surface to play on. If more than two people are playing. then divide yourselves into teams.

Distribute the red and yellow balls between the 2 sides. Put the orange ball aside for now as its the tie breaker.

The aim is to bounce your balls onto the grid and get 4 in a row. Countdown from 3-2-1 and then BOUNCE!

Both players bounce at the same time. The balls must bounce on then table before they go into the grid.

You can pick up balls from the table or floor and bounce again.  Once a ball is in the grid or on the ramp. no one may touch the ball.  This includes balls that stack in the ramps. once the grid is full.

Play continues until one of the players have bounced their balls into a row of four. or you run out of balls.

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