LEGO 71457 DREAMZzz Pegasus Flying Horse

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Let kids aged 8+ fly into the action of the dream world with this LEGO DREAMZzz Pegasus Flying Horse (71457) building toy set. Based on the TV show, the set follows Zoey as she rescues her friend Nova, who’s been captured by nightmare creature Susan on the pegasus flying horse!

Story-led building instructions let kids immerse themselves in the action and unleash their imaginations by deciding Zoey’s path.
To help Zoey rescue Nova, kids can choose to build a bird figure companion for her or give her wings so she can pursue the nightmares. As well as encouraging creativity and imagination, the 2 building options provide double the playtime.

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Weight649 g
Dimensions28 × 7.7 × 26 cm

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