Lineaeffe Vigor Jade RD Reel

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Lineaeffe Vigor Jade RD Reel

If you are in the market for a budget reel that still offers the kind of high quality performance you demand from your tackle despite its low price tag. then you need look no further than this Lineaeffe Vigor Jade. The Vigor Jade is a rear drag reel designed with the coarse fishing angler in mind and it is the ideal starting reel for any angler looking to develop their skills in the coarse discipline.

The Lineaeffe Vigor Jade RD has been constructed from a graphite body. Graphite is one of the most popular reel construction materials in the industry. thanks to both its rigidity and its weight saving features. This ensures that the reel is both durable and lightweight. making it the ideal first reel for the budding coarse angler. This is an ambidextrous reel that allows anglers to fish either right or left handed. This is another ideal feature for the novice angler who might like to experience with their dominant hand. This handle is folding. too. so it will store compactly in all of your coarse luggage.

The Lineaeffe Vigor Jade RD is fitted with a number of features to make your life on the bank easier. One such feature is the large. oversized line roller. This big line roller works to reduce the effects of line twist and is a vital feature for those anglers who prefer to fish with thinner monofilaments as well as braided mainlines. Line twist not only reduces the accuracy of your cast but it also causes damage to the line over time. making a large line roller a useful feature. The reel has also been fitted with anti-vibration features in the rotor system. Reel vibration and lateral movement when the reel is under the pressure of tackling a large fish can make the power you exert on the reel less effective. By reducing this vibration you effectively increase the power potential of the reel. making landing larger coarse fish easier.

The Lineaeffe Vigor Jade RD comes pre-loaded with monofilament line. so you simply need to pair this reel with a coarse rod and head down to the bank to start your coarse fishing career.

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