Mapes of Millport 800ml Water Bottle

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Brought to you by Mapes of Millport we are really delighted to show off and hopefully sell you one of our fully customised laser engraved 800ml water/ drinks bottle.

Not only do you get a water bottle that is totally reusable but also if you present the bottle when you rent a bike we will offer 10% off your rental to encourage you to reuse, and hopefully not use disposable bottles.

Please also be aware that there is a new “Scottish Water” water fountain set up right across the road so you don’t have far to travel to refill.

A bit of information that may be relevant maybe not, all seriousness though the not being dishwasher safe is really important!

  • Perfect for walking, cycling, and sunbathing
  • Manufactured in high-grade aluminium for added durability
  • Boasting an oversized 800ml volume capacity
  • Featuring a unique clear fold-out straw sipper
  • Handy carabiner to clip onto a bag or belt loop
  • Please note this product is not dishwasher safe


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Weight 200 g

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