Mitchell Avocet Bronze III 2000 fd Reel

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Mitchell Avocet Bronze FD Reel

The Mitchell Avocet range has been revolutionising the market ever since they were first released. Offering three different price points. the series ensures that anglers on all budgets can utilise expert Mitchell technology to incredible advantage. This is the Bronze level reel in the range. which means it offers entry level technology (and is at an entry level price) which is ideal for the novice or junior angler. as well as the angler on a budget. Built on the same world class body as the Gold and Silver Avocet reels. this front drag reel is able to offer a wealth of world class features at an outstanding price point.

Fitted with three ball bearings. this reel is an incredibly smooth performer and it is very rare that youll find reels with this many bearings on a reel at this price. Not only do these bearings ensure youre able to get frictionless rotational quality throughout the reels life but they are also set in an instant anti-reverse mode. Instant anti-reverse helps exponentially with your hooksets and it ensures you dont experience any rearward backplay on the handle from an aggressive fish. The multi-disc drag ensures that you experience a constant drag pressure throughout operation an essential feature when youre playing hard fighting species. This feature makes this an ideal spinning reel for predator and lure fishing. although it can be used effectively across the disciplines.

The spool on the reel is constructed from high quality aluminium. although it is also supplied with a spare graphite spool. This allows you to take two different line options down to the bank for maximum versatility. ensuring you can adapt to whatever the water throws at you. All of the reels in the Avocet range have been designed to operated reliably at the top end of their abilities and the Mitchell Avocet Bronze FD is no different.

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