Orchard Toys Dino-Snore-Us

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5Orchard Toys 108 Dino-Snore-Us Game, Multi
The T-Rex has stolen all the eggs – and it’s up to you to get them back! Players take turns to race down the pathway to retrieve an egg. When you land on a dinosaur footprint the T-Rex is turned around – if he’s woken up everyone does a big ROAR and the player must return to the start, but if he’s asleep when a player reaches the end of the pathway they can spin the spinner and collect that number of eggs. The winner is the player with the most uncracked eggs in their nest at the end of the game! This exciting game of chance is a great way to get the whole family involved and would make the perfect gift for a young dinosaur fan! As with all of our games, children will be learning as they play, developing number and counting skills, observation and turn taking skills.

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