Revell VW Golf 1 GTI

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  • Model kit contain 121 pieces
  • Model kits are designed for children aged 10 years and upwards
  • After built it measures 15.4 cm in length
  • VW Golf 1 GTI

    At the IAA 1975 Volkswagen presented a vehicle that was initially developed without the knowledge of the board of directors. This sporty offshoot of the Golf 1 offered properties which characterise a true sports car – a low curb weight combined with a powerful engine. Available from 1976 onwards. the outrageously fast GTI revolutionised the motoring world. There was now an affordable sports car that could easily compete with expensive competition available to everyone and suitable for daily use. The sports car sector was completely democratised by the 110 bhp GTI. Wheel arch extensions. wider wheels. the large front spoiler and a red border around the front grill characterised this compact sports car which accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 9.2 seconds. It very quickly became iconic.

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