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Turn over the cards and try to be the first to fill your trolley with tasty fruit and vegetables. Although this game can be played on its own. it can also be used to supplement the original ‘Shopping List’ game. or along with the other (‘clothes’) Booster Pack. Either way. the object of the game is very simple: to be the first player to fill their trolley with all the items on their list. To play. each player chooses a trolley and a shopping list. All the 16 item cards are spread face-down on the table and players take it in turns to turn up a card. If it matches one of the items on their shopping list. the player takes the card and places it on their trolley. If they don’t have the item on their list. the card is returned face down on the table. Play continues until one player has filled their trolley with all the items on their list. The game can be played with just 2 players. but if it is used in conjunction with the original ‘Shopping List’ it can be played with up to 6 players. or up to 4 players with the other Shopping List Booster Pack. The game is made with durable. recycled board and is suitable for children aged 3 to 7. It will also help with vocabulary skills. as you can encourage children to talk about the items they have in their trolley.

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